The Power of Patience

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This Sunday, Josh Francis gave an exhortation on the power of patience. We live in a society that’s addicted to immediate gratification. Yet, the Bible tells us that a key fruit of the Holy Spirit that should be produced in our lives is patience. What is patience? Patience is broadly defined as waiting without complaint. However, if one, in their time of waiting, preoccupies themselves with another activity, is that really practicing patience? Not necessarily. Therefore, another component of patience is the presence of discomfort during the waiting period.

Even within these confines, there are varied types of circumstances in which we practice patience. One kind is when we are faced with a minor issue, such as waiting in traffic or at a red light, Another kind, is when we face boredom, like when we are tired of a daily routine. A third circumstance in which we practice patience is long term suffering, be it in the face of a physical or mental health problem, a financial struggle, or a difficult situation. This is the real test of patience. In these times, it is human nature to worry and complain, but from a godly standpoint, is it okay to complain in times of long suffering? Yes, we can complain, but we should complain to God in such circumstances. We see this especially throughout the book of Psalms. David would come to God in his times of trials and suffering, but in coming to God he would receive strength, grace, and peace to endure. Though the world may offer us tips and techniques on how to develop patience, God is looking to edify our soul through sufferings. As James 1:3 says, “you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” We may at times wonder why God is allowing us to go through times of suffering, times of waiting on Him when it seems like He isn’t answering, but in these times God is teaching us to be more patient. Patience is a gift from God, because ultimately, as we become more patient, in our time of waiting we will become more prayerful and meditate on God’s word. In our time of waiting, we will come to know God more than we ever have before.

“you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”- James 1:3