Becoming Instruments of God's Glory

                                              Youth Exhortation by Miriam Thomas

                                              Youth Exhortation by Miriam Thomas

Each one of us was made to give God glory, as instruments are made to make music. An illustration of how God makes us instruments of God's glory can be seen by comparing ourselves to a well-known instrument: The Trumpet.

The trumpet is an instrument well known for its grandeur. It is used in the presence of royalty, for big celebrations, and to honor great men and women. Even in the Bible, it is mentioned 64 times. The people of God would celebrate and give God praise for the victories with the sound of trumpets! However, despite the grandeur and power, the trumpet undergoes a process that is very hard and humbling to become the instrument that it is. This process can very well, be compared to the seasons in our lives!

1. First, it starts off as a thin sheet of brass - hard, stubborn, shapeless and serving no purpose. But how does a flat sheet become such a beautiful and powerful instrument? The metal is actually beaten down by a hammer several times, (2000 times to be exact) in order to take on that horn-like shape. Similarly, in our lives, we go through hard circumstances, as we face unexpected trials and end up at closed doors for God to mold and shape us. God allows sufferings in our lives, to prepare us to be instruments of His glory. As Proverbs 17:3 says, just as the most precious metals in the world go through a period of fire and to be refined, God tests our hearts and faith through painful seasons to strengthen us.

2. Second, the horn-shaped piece of metal, now, must be completely emptied on the inside of its own material, for it to be used by the musician to make music. In the exact same way, we must allow God to empty us of our pride, shame, insecurities, and fears. We must let God work in us, and fill us with His spirit, to transform us and use us for His glory.

3. In this part of the process, the end of the horn is burned in order to make it malleable and shape the end once again. From this process, small button like pieces of metal are being made to perfectly fit the trumpet - this is what makes it a musical instrument, these buttons when used by the musician, produces discrete musical notes. Just as the trumpet undergoes this process, we too, in our hardest seasons, don't understand what is happening or what God is doing in our lives. But believe that God is our Potter, He is our maker, who is creating and forming opportunities, people, and situations to perfectly fit and align with His purpose for us. Remember, "My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, my ways are higher than your ways, declares the Lord."

4. After all this, finally, the trumpet is now a beautifully finished instrument. Yet even now, the instrument by itself, cannot produce any sound. Until the musician picks it up and breathes into it, the trumpet does not fulfill its purpose. Yes, in the same way, despite our qualifications, abilities, and opportunities, we are nothing until God chooses us. Until he breathes His breath of life in us and uses us according to His purpose for our lives, we do not fulfill our creation's purpose.

So, remember:

God allows us to be beaten down in order to build us into something much better.
God pushes us to empty ourselves in order to fill us with His light, love, and life.
God is preparing you for what you need, but He's also preparing what you need, for you. So even when you don't understand Him, trust Him. 
Lastly, You may say "God I want to be used by you, but I am flawed and imperfect, I in myself can't do it." But that's all, God needs to mold, shape and use you. All He needs for you to do is, Surrender completely to Him.

In all these things, He is shaping us to be instruments of His glory!